Open Sessions – Do The Work With Me (Or Ask Your Questions) For Free Every Week

open sky

Explore the wide world of inquiry free of charge.

Join us for an open, group session every week via Zoom webinar service.

This technology is awesome! You can connect from your computer, or mobile device, or even call in by phone. We can all see each other and talk to each other in video format.

Here’s what it looks like:

zoom meeting

Each person’s video shows up in the group. It’s like we’re all in one room together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are sessions?
Sessions are 30 minutes long.

What should I bring?
Bring a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet to the session. I will facilitate volunteers to do The Work.

Do I have to bring a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet?
No. You can just bring a stressful situation, and I will support you to write a worksheet.

Do I have to use the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet format?
No. You can bring any thought you want to question, whether it fits in the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet format or not.

Can I bring questions about The Work?
Yes. If you have any question about The Work, this is a good place to bring it up.

Can I bring work I’ve started but got stuck on?
Yes. If you’ve started doing The Work on your own and gotten stuck somewhere in the process, bring what you’ve done to the group. We’ll see if the group can find anything that you couldn’t find on your own.

Will there be a recording available?
Yes. All participants will receive a download link after the call for the recording.

Do I need to complete The Work 101 course in order to participate?
No, Open Sessions are open to everyone. In fact, this is a great way to get familiar with The Work before going deeper with it.

This Is Totally Free Form

There is no curriculum. Each session will be different. Learn from your peers as we work together. Sometimes, I may even ask a volunteer to facilitate me. This is a meeting of minds as we do The Work together.

Join us for the next session using the online calendar below. You can even join just to listen.

Sessions happen once a week, on different days of the week and at different times, depending on my schedule. See the calendar below for upcoming sessions. Be sure to register for each session you want below so you get the call in info for each call.

How to Register

Use the calendar below to register. Please check your time zone first. By default, the time zone where you currently are will be selected. If you want to use a different time zone you can select it manually by clicking on the little button (see red arrow below).

time zone

Then select a date from the calendar. By default, the first available date is selected. Note, there is a different session each week, and the meeting times are different for each one, so check all the dates to find what works for you.


When you have a particular day selected in the calendar, the time of the session for that day will be listed at the bottom. Click on the time slot for the day to start your registration.

time slot

When you click on the time slot, you will be taken to the registration form for that date and time. Once you fill in your email and phone you will be registered and will receive a follow-up email with the details.

Once you’ve booked one session,
you can book another date by clicking here.