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When you subscribe, you will start getting two insightful articles about The Work of Byron Katie and how to use it in your life every week, on Mondays and Thursdays. I share some of my experience with The Work, and the insights that come to me through my clients. My purpose in writing is to support you in learning about and trying out The Work, and in making it an ongoing practice in your life.

Todd's Checklist for the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

You will also get “Todd’s Checklist for the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet.” The Checklist is a practical support for going deeper when filling out your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets. This is especially helpful for identifying exactly what’s bothering you in preparation for inquiry.


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by Dr. Dorothea Bähr on The Work as Meditation Newsletter

I do find it so very helpful for me to read the differentiating ideas referring to the WORK. Reading them makes me keep my awareness open, especially during the days when I don`t do the WORK. It helps me to be more free also as a facilitator. I learn about new aspects and those I put away because I did not dare to follow them. I sometimes send these mails to others to underline something I tried to say. I am very thankful.

The Work as Meditation Newsletter

I love receiving your newsletters, as each one gives me a newer or deeper insight into The Work of Byron Katie. They are simple to follow and understand, using metaphors, pictures, humour, with suggestions on how to experience what youre describing and how to practically apply it. To top it all of, they feel so personable it feels like Im like sitting face to face in a room with you. Thankyou Todd, Im very grateful.


Thanks for your newsletter. I appreciate the time you spend delving into The Work to aid in clarifying and enriching our experience. I love the occasional humor too! ; )

Thank you for your newsletter

I REALLY look forward to getting your newsletter on Mondays and Thursday. I learn something and/or get an new insight about myself every time I read it. I am a relatively new subscriber and found your website after completing the 9 Day School for the Work with Byron Katie. I have been doing The Work on my own for a long time and even use it with my own clients. But your blog posts and free materials and newsletters have given me a deeper understanding of the process and helped me do The Work on my own blind spots. Thank you so much Todd!


Your newsletters are special. Each time I read one I get a surprise. Somehow like your photos they cut through my mental clutter and bring me back to the present. Thank you.

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