The Work

Articles To Get You Started

What Exactly Is The Work?

Why Practicing Peace Is An Ineffective Approach To Meditation

Three Things You Need To Know To Make The Work A Daily Practice

Videos Of The Work In Action

Here are some of my favorite videos of Byron Katie doing The Work with people. For a complete listing of her videos visit Katie’s website here.

I would like to add some videos of my facilitation sessions here. But first I need to record some on Skype. Would you be willing to record a session with me?

I’m not living up to my full potential (yes, that’s me with Katie here)

Part 1

Part 2

Something Is Wrong With Me

My Son Refuses To See Me

Mother And Son: She Doesn’t Listen To Me

He Got Me Fired

Books on The Work

The official textbook of The Work. Tons of sample sessions of The Work. Great introduction to The Work. Great reference book for going deeper in The Work over time.

Available on Amazon or iBooks