Audio Recordings of The Work – He Stopped Loving Me

Have you ever been stressed with the thought, “He (or she) stopped loving me”? It’s painful, isn’t it?

In this woman’s case, it happened with an ex-boyfriend.

She accidentally ran into him at a meeting, but instead of giving her a hug, as she expected, he was detached and listless. This was painful for her to experience.

Here Is The Video Of Her Questioning The Thought, “He Stopped Loving Me.”

Here Is The Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet She Wrote

The concept highlighted in blue below is what she worked in the video above. The concepts highlighted in green are what she worked in the audio recording below.

1. I am hurt with Paul because he stopped loving me.

2. I want Paul to continue loving and adoring me. I want Paul to let me know that he still loves me. I want Paul to tell me I was wrong in my belief that he detached from me because of Lori. I want Paul to contact me. I want Paul to apologize for not wishing me a happy birthday. I want Paul to not let me go.

3. Paul shouldn’t detach from me. Paul should stick to the AA program, and should not get into a relationship until he is one year sober. Paul should want to heal (so we can be together again). Paul should see that his actions hurt me.

4. I need Paul to get out of my head. I need Paul to let me know that he still loves me. I need Paul to show me he still cares. I need Paul to prove to me that he doesn’t have feelings for Lori.

5. Paul is cruel, selfish, dishonest, sick, a user, manipulative, and injured.

6. I don’t ever want to feel Paul’s detachment. I don’t ever want to obsess about Paul ever again.

Get The Audio To Listen To The Whole Session

“He stopped loving me” is just the tip of the iceberg. This session continues for a total of one hour and seventeen minutes. The client works through all of the concepts highlighted in green above (as well as main concept in blue). Here you can listen to the entire, unedited recording.

Why Get The Audio Recording?

  • You get to see several different angles of this issue get turned around.
  • You can listen at your leisure, in the car, or walking.
  • You don’t have to be tied to your computer as you listen.
  • You get to experience what a full Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet session is like.
  • If a similar situation occurs to you in the future, you can pull it out and listen.
  • When you’re learning The Work, it’s very helpful to listen to others doing it.
  • This client’s answers may give you insights for your own answers in a similar situation.

What You Get

  • A downloadable MP3 file (in zip format)
  • One hour and seventeen minutes of audio time

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