May 27th Teleconference: Stressful Thoughts About Father


Father’s Day will be coming up in June (in the United States). Let’s do some internal preparation for Father’s Day.

The only thing that stops us from loving our fathers unconditionally is the stressful thoughts we are believing about them. Maybe your father did something unforgivable. Maybe he never accepted you as you are. Maybe he’s unreachable. Where do you feel stress, or anger, or discomfort when you think of your father?

It doesn’t matter if he is dead or alive. Stressful thoughts about him still affect us regardless.

Here Are Some Common Stressful Thoughts About Fathers

  • He never accepted me.
  • He abandoned me.
  • He abused me.
  • I need him to share his feelings with me.
  • He expects me to be perfect.
  • I want him to listen to me.
  • I want him to stop being so formal with me
  • He should hold me in his arms.
  • I need him to share his feelings with me.
  • He expects me to be perfect.
  • He should visit me.

But Stressful Thoughts Are Not Always True

They can be questioned. Here is an opportunity to question your stressful beliefs about your father.

But I Don’t Have A Problem With My Father

Maybe everything is great with your father. Maybe there is nothing stressful at all. But is there anything left where you haven’t forgiven him 100%? Maybe you’ve forgiven him 99%. But that 1% is what holding you back in all your other relationships.

This is an opportunity to go back and look. Was there a time, perhaps when you were growing up, where you thought he was unfair? Was there some minor thing that he did that mildly annoyed you, even though you love him dearly? Do you have some advice for him? All these could be places to do The Work. Not because you need to, but just because it may unleash an even greater love for him.

Monthly Do The Work Teleconference

The monthly teleconference will be on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 10:30 AM Pacific Time. This hour-and-a-half long session will include a guided writing of a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on your father before the session, popcorn facilitation in the session with the whole group, and individual facilitation for volunteers with Todd during the session.

This is a great way to see The Work live in action, and to move from just reading about The Work to actually doing it.

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